Donated $691,000 and growing....


With your help we raised $10,000 to Helping Hands Honduras! This amazing organization provides education and nutrition to 30 kids everyday at their organization and 120 children in the neighboring villages. They are in desperate need of cooking equipment to provide for all of these children. They currently have 1 open fire stove and a few crops sustaining them. Help us raise funds to provide them with stoves, refrigerators, ovens, chickens, and more crops to help sustain this village for years to come. Check out the video below to see exactly where your generous donation is going!

Check out our 2018 Recap Video

Outreach: Health 

Homeless Care Packages 

We created 20 homeless care packages to donate to the homeless in Orange and LA County. Be sure to watch the video for the whole story! 

Car Seats for Christy 

Donated $10,000 to help encourage and provide child passenger safety! For more information click the icon to the right! 


With your support we raised funds to help the victims and families of the Las Vegas terrorist attack on October 1, 2017. These funds were 100% given to help the families medical bills and aid the city of Las Vegas. 

Project Bahamas


Hurricane Matthew has devastated millions all over the world. We raisied funds to help rebuild a family's home in Nassau, Bahamas. This family has lost everything, due to this tragic storm. Their home, clothes, furniture, and food were all destroyed because of this storm.  Together we helped this family rebuild the structure and roof of their home in Nassau Bahamas.



Thanks to your generous donations we were able to bring bags of toys to the Children's Hospital of Orange County! 

100 Toys Given

Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic 

Hopeful Horizons Outreach has donated items to the Whittier Pregnancy Care Clinic to help support women who have just delivered there babies. Hopeful Horizons strongly supports the care and love of women after they have their babies and with this project we were able to aid in making care packages for the women and children. 

Donated items created 20 Care Packages for the Women and Children

Helping the Homeless

For the whole month of October we have collected care items from our local So-Cal areas. Our goal is to provide care packages to give out to local homeless patrons in need. Hopeful  Horizons Outreach has partnered with Saddleback Church Ministries: Motel Church. Hopeful Horizons along with your help donated around 208 care packages to this worthy organization helping over hundreds of homeless families.  

208 Care Packages were made! Totaling $6,240 donated!



Outreach: Collaboration



Henry is a Golden Retriever puppy who has been diagnosed with the disease PROV. PROV is a deadly disease that can kill animals within 24-48 hours. With your help Henry is doing better than ever! He is back to playing fetch and being a healthy puppy!

Screen Shot 2019-01-01 at 1.03.35 AM.png

Collaboration with Chiquita



Together we helped give medication and veterinary visits for this Arizona non-profit!

Easter Egg Hunt with Motel Church

One of our Partners Motel Church was throwing an Easter Egg hunt for the local in need children in their communities. Hopeful Horizons Outreach has come together with them to donate items and toys to stuff the Easter Eggs! This event brought together kids who heard the love and message of Jesus Christ. 

Donated Over 200 Easter Eggs!

 Outreach: Education 

 Saving Trinity Christian Schools 

Wednesday August 19th, 2015 was a big moving day for Trinity Christian. HP Communications brought four men and three trucks over to the school to help move furniture and school supplies from the old campus to the new campus. In just one day they helped bring over; tables, chairs, cabinets, lockers, risers, refrigerators and school supplies. Not only was their help beyond belief they did all of the work with a positive attitude and were very respectful of the newly painted walls and floors. To say the least the help from HP Communications was beyond what anyone at the school was expecting. From the administration at the school and the board members of Hopeful Horizons Outreach we would like to sincerely say thank you HP Communications for all of your help and support on this project! Together we are becoming world changers. 

Mater Dei Girls Golf 

Hopeful Horizons Outreach alongside you helped raise funds to support the Mater Dei Girls Golf program. Your support will help us offer a higher quality high school golf experience for these girls. 


Mater Dei Girls Golf

After School Study 



Hopeful Horizons Outreach is partnered with Mariners Church in Huntington Beach to create an opportunity for our local low income schools. We have created an after school program for middle school and high school students. At this study program students have access to laptops, internet, and printing. They are provided with one on one tutors and mentors. This is a safe place for these kids to come learn and feel the love of God. 


We gave $2,500 worth of items from PE Equipment, pens, paper, headphones, and learning centers for this local low income elementary school!

Check out the story by clicking that video!