Here at Hopeful Horizons we have 3 outreaches where you can personalize your donations. You decide exactly where your donation goes!

When we invest in our schools we are investing in the future!     - Nancy Jacobson (co-founder)

When we invest in our schools we are investing in the future!

- Nancy Jacobson (co-founder)



We raise funds for schools that need financial help staying in business and overall student development. Hopeful Horizons Outreach helps struggling schools become financially stable, provides supplies, and helps further educational programs. We want to create better educational opportunities for God's children and invest in their futures. 

Current education projects

We are working with small private and public school's in Orange County and LA County. Many school's need funds in order to continue to further its education and ministry. Without our help numerous staff members will lose their jobs and many students will lose the bonds they've formed and a safe place to learn in a Christian environment. With your help Hopeful Horizons can continue to be apart of helping many school's prosper during this new school year. 

You can donate to the education outreach by clicking the button to the left.  

Even though we may be making a difference in people’s lives, they are the ones that are truly making the difference in us.
— Nancy Jacobson


Bringing medical, sanitation, and mental health resources to poverty stricken areas locally and globally. Bringing sustainable necessities to deprived communities across the globe is of extreme importance to Hopeful Horizons Outreach. This outreach has given hundreds of care packages, doctor visits to 3rd world countries, built wells, and provided mental health resources to our communities.

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current health projects

Our current health project is our, Mental Health Awareness and Action movement. Hopeful Horizons Outreach is bringing awareness to the mental health community and action to support anyone who is struggling with mental illness and is in need of treatment that does not have the financial resources to get help.


We pledge to bring action by addressing the mental health issue head on by sponsoring individuals to get the treatment they need giving all the resources to live a hopeful life. 

  • Funding Rehabilitation Centers


We pledge to bring awareness through spreading knowledge on the prevalent issue of mental health. We will spread awareness through 

  • Our Interactive Videos


  • Ongoing support of the Mental Health Association of America.



Within this outreach we aim to collaborate with our community and other local and global non-profits to create a stronger impact. We believe in this outreach because together we achieve more! Visit the contact page if you are a non-profit and want to work with us!

This outreach is to personalize your donation by raising funds for groups of people who maintain our core company values. To become one of these groups contact us through our contact page. Your application will be reviewed and evaluated by our board to make sure the recipient is within our company values and benefits more than one individual.


List of non-profit organizations that have collaborated with Hopeful horizons outreach